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10.00am, CT - Emerging Health Opportunities for Probiotics & Prebiotics

Introduction from our Chair of the Digital Summit, Stephen Daniells, Editor-in-Chief, NutraIngredients-USA

Bruno Pot, PhD, Science Director Europe, Yakult Europe
Bruno will present on: Dietary Microbes: What progressive insight could lead to…
Consumption of fermented food products, especially in the Western diet has reduced rather drastically over the last 50 years. Food processing, refrigeration and world-wide trade has reduced the need for long term preservation, and therefore of fermentation. Increased hygiene conditions further reduced our contact with microorganisms.
Today we are facing an unexplained increase in the levels of non-communicable diseases which has been linked to deficiencies in immune development. Can our bacterial friends help us to stop or correct that evolution?
This presentation will try to answer the following questions:

  • What are dietary microbes?
  • What are fermented foods?
  • Consequences of declined consumption
  • Need for communication - Ongoing initiatives for remediation

Bruno's presentation will be followed by a Q&A session with Stephen Daniells. 

Panel discussion, our chair Stephen Daniells, will be joined by:

The panel discussion will be followed by a presentation.
Marta Tortajada Serra, PhD , Vice President of Science & Technology, Health & Wellness, ADM
Marta's presentation will be on: How Microbiome Solutions can Deliver Healthy Living
Next to Pre & Probiotics, novel postbiotics are among the most promising areas of innovation in microbiome modulators for commercial applications, providing greater versatility and flexibility to meet health-conscious consumer’s demand. Find out how microbiome solutions can be incorporated into next-gen products for Food, Beverage, Infant Nutrition and Supplements, targeting different consumer needs – Gut Health, Immune Health, Metabolic Health, Skin Health, Cognitive Health and more. ADM will present their recent science-backed discoveries around postbiotics.

Key takeaways:

  • Explore the evolving consumer needs driving new developments in microbiome science
  • Discover new novel and disruptive science backed Microbiome Solutions
  • Explore the next generation of cutting-edge Postbiotics targeting the key consumer focus areas of health and nutrition
  • Learn about ADM's flexible & tailored microbiome solutions for food, beverage and dietary supplements

Final Q&A – put your questions to our panelists. 
*There will be live chat, Q&A and polling throughout the session

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2.00pm, CT -  The second session on The Changing Retail Environment for Probiotics & Prebiotics, more details can be found here.

June 16 | 10am - 12pm CT

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