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Over the three days, Probiota Americas will cover:

The View from the CEO’s Office and the State of the Market

To kick off Probiota Americas, we are assembling a panel of CEOs from some of the most iconic brands in the US dietary supplements space to explore the big picture state of the industry and also to get down into the weeds on pertinent topics and issues for the biome space. This session will also explore the state of the market with a view from the Editor’s Chair from Stephen Daniells, Editor-in-Chief of NutraIngredients-USA.

Postbiotics – From Gut to Skin Health

Postbiotics are slowly establishing themselves as a strong weapon in the arsenal for modulating the microbiome. While there isn’t total agreement about the ISAPP definition, there is wholesale excitement about what the science is showing for postbiotics, and how these ingredients may offer more formulation opportunities than the sensitive probiotics. This session will explore all aspects of the emerging postbiotics category and provide actionable insights and highlight key opportunities for the next decade.

The North American Regulatory Landscape

There is a lot happening in North America, with significant changes underway at Health Canada, and the US FDA wrestling with some macro- and micro- issues relating to how it regulates foods and dietary supplements. We’ll hear from experts from the both sides of the border on where things stand, and where they go next.

Aging – What can we learn from Centenarians?

As Benjamin Franklin once said, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. We’re all aging, some of us more gracefully and healthily than others. Intriguing research shows that the microbiome may be a central player in healthy aging, with groups around the world exploring the microbiomes of centenarians for potential clues or signals. We’ll hear from experts on the cutting edge of this research and try to understand if and how our microbiomes may offer a way to boost health span.

The Opportunity for Pets

With people spending more time at home during the pandemic, they spent more time with their animals and were more attuned to their pets’ health and wellness. This led to surging sales for health and wellness products for pets. Probiotics have been central to much of this innovation as companies expanded laterally from humans to their furry friends. This session will explore the science, the market, and the quality standards needed for success in the companion animal space.

Disruptive Tech to Drive Next Gen Solutions: A.I., CRISPR, -omics, & GM

Entrepreneurs and innovators are constantly looking for new technologies to advance nutrition science, speed up R&D pipelines, reduce costs, and accelerate consumers’ ability to get more personal. From machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to genetic modification or gene editing via CRISPR, this session will provide a deep dive into these disruptive technologies and understand where the opportunities are in the marketplace.

Microbiome Modulation to Support Women’s Health

While much scientific research has previously focused on men, female-specific health requirements are now becoming a huge talking point as well as a big commercial opportunity. Whether it be related to hormone control, menopause symptoms, menstrual issues, conception or pregnancy, vaginal health, or more, there are some clear gaps in scientific knowledge and therefore for potential product development. This session will explore the opportunities for microbiome modulation for women’s health.

LBPs in the USA

With immense interest and investment in approaches to modifying the microbiome to treat disease and health conditions, there are significant opportunities for microbiome-based drug products. While we’re seeing some notable failures in clinical trial pipelines, some companies are edging closer to approvals. So, what can we expect in this space in the US over the next 12 to 24 months? Who has the most promising R&D pipelines? And what comes next?


Agenda at a Glance

To help you plan your travels & your time at the event, please see our agenda at a glance below:

Wednesday, June 14:

Thursday, June 15:

Friday, June 16:

1.00pm Registration

2.00pm Probiota Americas 2023
Refreshments Break

6.30pm Welcome Reception

7.30pm End of Day 1

7.15am 5K Run & Walk hosted by Morinaga*

9.00am Start of Day 2 Session
Refreshment Break
Speed Networking
Roundtable Lunch
Refreshment Break

6.30pm Probiota Social Evening

9.30pm End of Day 2

9.00am Start of Day 3 Sessions
Refreshment Break
Networking Lunch

2.00 End of Probiota Americas 2023

*To register for the Morinaga 5K Run & Walk along the Chicago Riverwalk, click here.