Each year, NutraIngredients-USA is on the hunt for entrepreneurial consumer-facing, science or technology-based start-ups to join them at Probiota Americas. 2024 has seen a record number of entries. We will soon open entries for 2025. Take a look below at our previous winners

Our 2024 winners were showcased on stage at the IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas 2024.

Our 2024 winners:


BIOMILQ is a women-owned and science-led start-up building a mammary biomanufacturing platform to produce bioauthentic human milk ingredients to advance human health. By combining the unique capabilities of human mammary cells with a scalable biomanufacturing process, BIOMILQ aims to demonstrate the power of its platform to promote gut, immune, and brain health by implementing human milk ingredients into a range of existing products including infant formula.


HelloBiome is an innovative B2B biotech startup, leveraging the microbiome to transform consumer health. They democratize microbiome data access and use AI to create personalized health solutions. The HelloBiome Hub drastically improves data accuracy by 100% and reduces R&D costs by 40%. They are advancing to an AI-based ingredient discovery platform for licensing new ingredients and formulations. Trusted by over 20 clients, including notable consumer brands, HelloBiome is not just forecasting consumer health's future—they are actively crafting it, focusing on personalized wellbeing through the power of the microbiome. Join them in shaping a healthier tomorrow.


PREEBIO, a pioneering startup, leads the gut health revolution with its groundbreaking protein-based prebiotics. This innovative product range is scientifically proven more effective than current carbohydrate-based prebiotics in impacting gut microbiome, selectively boosting probiotics, offering a range of health benefits such as improved digestion, reduced inflammation, enhance immune response and increased well-being. PREEBIO's mission is to make these protein-based prebiotics accessible to all, revolutionizing global health. Beyond individual impact, PREEBIO empowers manufacturers, elevating the entire prebiotic and probiotic industry. With a blend of science and passion, PREEBIO stands at the forefront of transformative gut health solutions.

Probiota Americas Previous Pioneers Winners