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Join industry leaders for the types of intimate discussions that have become rare in the last year. Places are limited so make sure you book your ticket today to be first in line to secure a seat at the table. The roundtables will take place on Wednesday, June 16th | 12:15pm - 12:45pm CT.

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All other terms…Biotics

Host:  George Paraskevakos, Executive Director at International Probiotics Association (IPA)

The probiotic industry is facing change! Ongoing initiatives on the research front, regulatory arena, quality and technical field, and above all understanding and education for probiotics has shifted. Other than probiotics we hear words on the daily like parabiotics, postbiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics, psychobiotics, heat killed bacteria, microbiome, live biotherapeutics and so many more. This table will feature an open exchange and discussion among attendees regarding this new reality and how IPA will embark on the voyage to evolve with the changing times.
Postbiotics: The new Biotics Generation is Out There

Host: Brian Peeters, VP of Sales & Business Development Microbiome Solutions, North America at ADM

Postbiotics is one of the most promising areas of innovation in microbiome modulators for commercial applications. ADM has actively worked on the selection, identification and production of new postbiotics for a number of years.Leading the discussion, Brian Peeters (VP of Sales & Business Development – Microbiome Solutions, North America at ADM) will explore the role of scientific evidence in postbiotic positioning, while touching on the latest results from ADM’s BPL1 trials. In particular, he will discuss ADM’s world-first discovery of the molecules responsible for BPL1’s positive effects on markers associated with metabolic wellbeing, and the impact this will have for customers. Finally, he will also explore how postbiotics can target other health areas, and discuss ADM’s solutions that specifically focus on the immune system and the gut.
Potty Talk: What does good gut health look like?

Host:  Sonia Hartunian-Sowa, PhD, Director, Nutrition Science & Advocacy at DSM

Consumers prefer supplement solutions that offer tangible health and wellness benefits (benefits that can be seen and felt). So, how can we help them identify signs of a healthy gut? What are the key markers scientists look for? Join for a healthy discussion about what a strong gut looks like and answer the age-old question - is the proof in the poop?

The Rise of Paraprobiotics in the Functional Products Space

Host: Chyn Boon Wong, PhD, Research Associate at Morinaga Milk Industry

As research connecting more dots between probiotics and various health conditions, new ingredient variations sparks unique formulations. Paraprobiotics – inactivated probiotic bacteria – are one such ingredient that have emerged as an innovative solution with endless opportunities. There is an emerging fascination in paraprobiotics, for being able to use in major harsh processing and non-traditional applications such as drinks, baked goods and snacks. In this session, we’ll explore the scientific basis, market potentials, consumer perceptions, product development challenges, and innovative opportunities of paraprobiotics in the functional products space.