As major universities look to spin-out and license key discoveries, global food and pharma businesses open up venture funds and external innovation programs and incubators to draw innovative entrepreneurs into their orbit – there are rich pickings for probiotic, prebiotic and microbiome pioneers in search of money, experience and a global platform for their ideas. But how can you win in a competitive environment?

NutraIngredients-USA has been on the search for entrepreneurial consumer-facing, science or technology based start-ups and are pleased to announce our 2022 Probiota Pioneers:

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Comet Bio is an award-winning food ingredients company based in London, Ontario, and Schaumburg, Illinois. Comet Bio is the only company with the IP and expertise needed to perfect nature's best fiber, arabinoxylan, an FDA-recognized fiber with superior tolerance in the gut and clinically-proven health benefits. Comet Bio's proprietary line of Arrabina™ arabinoxylan dietary fibers are upcycled certified and can easily be added to any food and beverage application. Find out more >>

FitBiomics is decoding the microbiome of elite phenotypes to develop next-generation probiotics for improving human health and performance, in every body. After years of R&D we recently launched our first product, Nella, for gut health applications. Nella is already powering everyday health seekers to Olympians and world champions, through better digestion, bowel movements, and sleep. Our next product in the commercial queue, Veillonella, is a lactic acid eatingendurance promoting probiotic. Ultimately, our EndGame is to decoderecode human health from the inside out, scaling our microbiome discovery platform to isolate 1000s of next-gen microbes for numerous functional applications. Find out more >>

Nouri's mission is to advance the world's transition to proactive health by delivering gut and immune health solutions. Find out more >>