Each year, NutraIngredients-USA is on the hunt for entrepreneurial consumer-facing, science or technology-based start-ups to join them at Probiota Americas. 2024 has seen a record number of entries. We will soon open entries for 2025. Take a look below at our previous winners

Our 2024 winners were showcased on stage at the IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas 2024.

Our 2024 winners:

Nimble Science

Nimble Science provides easy access to novel small intestinal multi-omic datasets to power novel gut microbiome food and supplement innovation. The SIMBA GI Platform provides real-time data leveraged by our innovative SIMBA capsule, a small ingestible device that can autonomously collect and preserve an uncontaminated small intestinal fluid biopsy from the home. Complete end-to-end GI sample sets that allow for a broad range of assays to reveal the diet-microbiota-host interrelationships. Finally, small intestinal multi-omic dataset is available to gather direct evidence to support probiotic product development.  


Purity-IQ (PIQ) is a biotechnology company founded in 2019 working with leading-edge genomic and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technologies. PIQ offers a range of analytical tools including identity and consistency testing of natural health products, quantification of biomolecules of interest, and probiotic viable count enumeration.

Purity-IQ also offers research and development services, designed to address research questions pertaining to pre-, pro-, and post-biotic products and provide advanced analytics and insights that support the industry needs. Purity-IQ is a leading innovator in the probiotic analytical sector, driven to support companies in regulatory compliance, quality assurance management system requirements, and brand protection.

Tiny Health

Tiny Health is the first and only microbiome platform for precision children and prenatal health, correcting gut imbalances that can lead to chronic illnesses. Their first focus is on infants and pregnant mothers, given that 50% of children today experience at least one chronic condition such as eczema, allergies, asthma, diabetes, and others.

Their patent pending microbiome health tests uses next generation sequencing and AI technology to generate precise recommendations on infant development for parents, practitioners and research partners. Tiny Health also offers microbiome testing for adult gut, vaginal health and older children.

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