The deadline to submit your abstract is April 7, 2023

NutraIngredients-USA invites authors from around the world to submit abstracts for presentation at our Scientific Frontiers Session at Probiota Americas in Chicago, June 14-16, 2023. Early-phase, novel, or state-of-the-art research or promising ideas covering the following topics are encouraged:

  • Host-microbe interactions in health and disease, including preclinical and clinical studies evaluating pre- and probiotic interventions
  • Application and development of “-omics” approaches in biomarker discovery, including identification of potential pre- and probiotic strains.
  • Research identifying strain-specific effects of probiotics for health and wellbeing, including mechanism of action and bioactive discovery and isolation
  • Early findings from large-scale research projects and clinical trials
  • Innovations and novel ideas in the areas of production processes, delivery, formulation and shelf-life
  • Consumer and market insights, including population research, trends and threats, commercial packaging and marketing
  • Human intervention studies

All abstracts submitted will be reviewed by our independent Scientific Committee, made up of leading experts within the fields of prebiotics, probiotics and the microbiome. Successful authors will be invited to present their work as a poster at the conference and will receive a 50% discount on their delegate registration. The top-rated abstract will have the opportunity to present their research live from the stage as part of the Probiota Americas program and receive a complimentary delegate place.


The deadline for submitting your abstract is April 7, 2023

If you have any questions regarding the abstracts, email the team at